Will of change


The world of Italian entrepreneurship seems to have lost the desire to look for different things and to take risks. The situation is certainly not one of the best on a global level and our country carries with it the heavy legacy of a past of accumulated debts and certainly not exemplary behavior as well as the same small and medium-sized enterprises that were the driving force of the entire system she seems to have resigned herself, massacred by destructive and unbalanced policies, she herself has lost the vis and creativity that distinguished her, she has suddenly aged in a global world that does not stop and changes its dynamics very quickly. Yet there are many solutions: globalization and technologies offer opportunities that were unthinkable until recently. The phrase from Moneyball (Italian title, not surprisingly "The Art of Winning"), Brad Pitt's film which tells of how baseball was revolutionized, "I know you're taking a beating from everyone, but the first who crosses the wall is bloody, always" represents in some way the philosophy of those who don't want to give up and want to try to change the rules of the game. I wonder why an entrepreneur who operates in the e-commerce sector has to have his head office in Italy, one of the countries with the highest taxation in Europe and with a burdensome bureaucratic rigidity. Those who work on the internet have their own global market which is the world at least on a theoretical level, why must they accept the rules of engagement of a largely rigged system? The solution exists and it is to move the headquarters to infinitely more flexible and less punitive realities such as Romania or Bulgaria. It's much easier to do it than to think it in reality, the limit is to accept what has been imposed on you, not being able to go out of your way. Once upon a time our small/medium sized businesses did it, we need to start doing it again. Navigate unknown or at least less known seas, without fear, take advantage of the opportunities that globalization offers you.From the same perspective, we need to think about innovation and European or research funding as other opportunities, because complaining is of little use, we need to learn, adapt, evolve, in a word "grow" so as not to end up like the dinosaurs. We need to start running again and take advantage of everything we can use to achieve positive results. Nations other than ours who do not have our cultural heritage and our resources are doing it. Have Greece and Hungary structured themselves to absorb European funds and projects, using resources and possibilities that many in Italy are not even aware of, such as Interreg, Crea Cult, Horizon Europe, the responsibility of our politicians? Certainly, but also ours. Yet weren't we the "creative" ones? Maybe it would be time to strike a blow, if our political class will never change, we can still "cross the wall" alone and what does it matter if we come out with a little blood and beatings? Sometimes you have to imagine the roads before walking them. I thank those who wanted to read this first article of mine, I hope I have given you some good ideas, what I'm talking about can be found at this link: https://www.diegomat.net/en/ with the possibility of making it happen.

                                                                                                                      Gianluca Dova