IT Consultancy Development of Software Opens Source Data Entry European Projects
IT Consultancy Development of Software Opens Source Data Entry European Projects

Choose your best options

In a global world in which many activities take place online and digitally, it is right to know how to analyze and choose the best options at all levels. 

With a view to transparency and efficiency, we offer companies video conference meetings to get to know each other and define the best solutions and an intervention plan that meets all needs. Only after an in-depth meeting will both parties have all the necessary elements to decide on a possible collaboration. 

Not pre-produced and standard videos as many use but real meetings and direct relationships.

Business Solutions Low Taxes Romania Bulgaria Development of software Java Open Source Data Entry
Business Solutions Low Taxes Romania Bulgaria Development of software Java Open Source Data Entry

How can we help you ?

Set up your company in Romania or Bulgaria 

Taxation in Romania and Bulgaria today is among the lowest in Europe, and probably also in the world, thanks to a simple, light and attractive tax system. The Romanian tax system is based on two simple regimes: the Micro Enterprise regime; and the Macro Enterprise regime; with two simple levels of taxation for micro businesses from 1 to 3%. The tax system for macro-enterprises (over 500,000 euros in turnover) is 16% on profits. Starting in 2008, Bulgaria introduced a flat tax of 10% which replaced the previous progressive income tax rates (20%, 22% and 24%). The tax is imposed on all income of natural persons produced everywhere for residents and on that produced in the territory for non-residents.

Administrative and accounting management 

Below is a simplified diagram of the main accounting services offered. We are obviously able to provide any other particular service requested. 

Ordinary accounting services; 

  • Extraordinary accounting services; 
  • VAT management; 
  • Keeping and updating company registers; 
  • Payroll processing and management; 
  • Tax and duty declarations; 
  • Assistance for financial matters; 
  • Assistance in tax audits; 
  • Drafting financial statements and year-end closures.

Development of sotware Java Technologies Open Source
Development of sotware Java Technologies Open Source

IT Services/Data Entry/Personnel selection

In an era dominated by digitalization and technological evolution, the implementation of IT projects takes on a crucial role in shaping the future of businesses and society in general. Diegomat has experience and in-depth knowledge in the IT sector and can therefore provide consultancy, project management and development. We are able to design, create and implement innovative IT projects, propose and develop different technical solutions. Large technology initiatives are complex and require deep understanding of processes and best practices. An error at these stages can have costly consequences, both in financial and operational terms. The main phases of an IT project in our view must include: 

  • Definition and analysis of requirements. In this phase, we will interact with stakeholders (customers, end users) to understand and document their needs and expectations. The goal will be to create a clear and concise set of requirements for the system or application.
  • Planning (Design). Once the requirements are understood, the design phase will begin. Some activities included in this specific phase will be the design of the system architecture, the user interface and the database structure. The technical specifications that will guide the subsequent phases are defined. 
  • Implementation. During this phase, the system or application will actually be developed. In the case of development, programmers will transform the technical specifications into Java source code. 
  • Testing. Once coding is complete, the product will be tested to ensure that it meets the initial requirements and works properly in various scenarios 
  • Launch and distribution (rollout). After testing, the system or application will be ready to be deployed and put into production. This may include installing the software on production servers and distributing it to customers. 
  • Maintenance and support. After launch, any new needs may arise or previously undetected issues may be identified. Maintenance will include fixing bugs, updating the system to meet new needs, and providing user support. 
  • Closing and review. Once the project objectives have been achieved or at the end of the system's life cycle, the closure phase will be entered. In this phase, any feedback will be collected, the success of the project will be evaluated and lessons learned will be documented for future projects.

These phases represent a generic overview of the life cycle of an IT project, although the phases may overlap, repeat or adapt based on the project management methodology adopted (for example, Waterfall, Agile, Scrum, etc.) We also have extensive experience in managing and organizing projects that involve data entry from the project phase to operations. Services that include, based on needs, the transformation of paper documents into documents in electronic format, so as to form a digital archive with indexes for research and consultation, upon customer request. Data Entry involves a generalized control activity, for this purpose during the data acquisition phase a manual control of the acquired information will be carried out and, in the event of anomalies being found, all non-attributable, inconsistent or doubtful data will be reported. Specialized personnel will subsequently record the resolved data and possibly reinsert it into the IT flow. The expected result is the preparation of a database, possibly on electronic support or cloud, with the output file encoded according to the established fields and format. The service can also be enhanced with semi-automatic OCR tools for text recognition. Equally we can design and implement projects that involve the management of complex archives with document scanning and acquisition of large quantities of data. Our skills and experience allow us to be able to supply/recruit specialized personnel in various sectors from administrative to IT with various skills. Our knowledge of the area allows us to find the most suitable staff for the various business needs and to establish and grow with an office in Eastern Europe with lower tax levels but open to a global market.Queste fasi rappresentano una panoramica generica del ciclo di vita di un progetto informatico, anche se le fasi potranno sovrapporsi, ripetersi o adattarsi in base alla metodologia di gestione del progetto adottata (ad esempio, Waterfall, Agile, Scrum, etc.)

Software development with open source solutions

Open source frees companies and public administrations from dependence on a single manufacturer, a single architecture and a single protocol. Designed from the ground up to be open, adaptable and to ensure data portability it offers a better development model than traditional software procurement while significantly reducing costs. By allowing anyone to access, evaluate, and modify source code, open source encourages greater transparency and security. This increases the overall security and stability of the software by allowing developers and security professionals to more quickly find and fix bugs and security vulnerabilities.

Development Processes:

- RUP (iterative)
- Scrum (loose adaptation to
accommodate scattered teams)
- Jira

Architecture and hands-on:

• Modern data infrastructures for data fully based on open source.
• Large, high performance, low latency, distributed systems
architecture and development
• Data Fabrics and data Grids
• Microservices
• Large Data Management
• Sparx Enterprise Architect
• Event driven, events source, data

Current technologies hands-on:

• Server side Java OS stack development
• Full REST (with HATEOAS) Microservice design and development using JAX-RS with Apache Grizzly
• High performance Data Lakes based on Trino/Iceberg/S3/SQL
• Fine grain data access control via Apache Ranger
• Spring IoC framework
• Maven, Artifactory, Ant, WIX, Docker, Jenkins pipelines
• Oracle, SQL Service, H2, JDBC, SQL
• Extended and in-deep, hands-on knowledge of Apache Ignite
(modified part of the core as well).
• Tibco EMS, Kafka, JMS

• Run-time envs: Windows, Linux Open Shift (Kubernetes),AWS
• IDEs: Eclipse
• Design Languages: UML
• SVN, Git

European Projects Interreg Crea Cult Horizon Europe
European Projects Interreg Crea Cult Horizon Europe

Search and obtain financing

In a global world there are many possibilities for obtaining financing. These are opportunities to exploit to grow your company. We specialize in obtaining international funds, especially European ones for projects:
  •  Interreg
  •  Create Cult 
  • Financing for Innovative Start ups 

Research funds: 

  • Horizon 
  • Horizon Europe 

We can also take care of the management of the same projects including the administrative part and reporting. 

Marketing on Line

The commercial success of a company is now decisively determined by its popularity on the internet. In today's digitalized world, the Internet and new technologies are increasingly shaping up as the true "backbone" for any economic activity, in any commercial sector. Being present online, becoming visible, communicating, competing is a necessity but also a great opportunity. We have therefore developed a wide range of Web Services which include Web Design, Web Marketing, Ecommerce Portals, and Social Media Marketing, thus completing our 360° service offering for all companies intending to relocate their businesses to Romania or Bulgaria. business but to use the internet on a commercial level. The live marketing service must be seen from a global perspective, addressing different markets rather than just local marketing. We need to open ourselves up to new realities by putting ourselves out there.