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Business Consulting
Business Consulting

Diegomat is a recently established company, based in Romania, which offers consultancy and services to provide complete and global support to our customers and is constantly in step with the times. 

The favorable taxation of Romania and Bulgaria guarantees an enormous advantage for those who work in a global world thanks to new technologies. In a world that constantly requires innovation we aim to guarantee a high level of services by offering flexibility and solid and efficient solutions. 

New technologies allow companies to grow and develop through innovative and open source solutions. Our background guarantees us to have/offer highly qualified professional figures in multiple sectors with experience in IT companies, administration, obtaining European funding, research projects and online marketing. 

Services and solutions are integrated with qualified consultancy to obtain financing or develop projects. Funding for local, European and/or research projects represents an opportunity that must be exploited competently by companies working from a global perspective. All this is aimed at offering a complete package that allows you to obtain results and meets the needs of each specific customer.

Open your business to the global

Taxes Advantages Romania Bulgaria
Taxes Advantages Romania Bulgaria
Business development services 

Set up of companies in RO and BU  

              Administration and accounting


Consulting "tout court"

Consulting IT

             Selection/supply of specialized personnel


Development of software Open Source

Data Entry

              Global Marketing on line

Consulting and services

Diegomat was born from the need to provide services that can allow companies to open up to the world and exploit the opportunities that new technologies and globality, understood as the perception of living in a global society, offer. 

Don't bind yourself and open yourself to the world. Ideas and men make a company. 

Develop and grow your business in a global world by moving the center of your business or part of it to Romania or Bulgaria. Finally pay correct taxes that allow you to grow and develop.

Technologies and global online marketing are real "musts" for anyone who wants to start a company with prospects that were sometimes unimaginable until recently. 

New technologies are changing the world, don't let yourself be "blackmailed" by bureaucracy, your freedom and the well-being of your company depend on your ability to adapt to the changing world: Use the opportunities that globality offers you like International and European funds; Open Source and portable technologies; Online marketing.

IT Consulting and Services
IT Consulting and Services