Diegomat is a service company, with a different approach. We bring with us almost 30 years of experience of a corporate culture at the service of customers. We firmly believe that we cannot limit ourselves to "homework". 

Competence, correctness and ideas create value. Despite being recently established, it possesses the wealth of knowledge of those who have managed, developed and grown in different "worlds" which include Eastern Europe (Romania and Bulgaria), IT (software development with open source solutions), international funds and European (Interreg, Crea Cult, Start up Innovative), research funds (Horizon). To be efficient, the management of a company must be based on ideas and respect for people. 

We must open ourselves to the world, not stop, believe that there is always a solution. Because a solution exists. In this context we offer absolute availability for meetings via video conference system to get to know each other and exchange information. Direct relationships are always the most important ones in any context. 

Tell us what you want to do and offer, we are good at listening. 

We will find the solutions.


How people speaks about us...

High level of services, availability, efficiency and quality. Very high knowledge of Romania's business reality, of European projects and funds and of the world of innovation.

Carlo Flamment


Ideas, solutions and professionalism Collaboration that allowed the approval of an Interreg project with notable impact and multinational participation.


HETFA Research Istitute

Always kind, helpful and reliable. Consultancy for Romania and Bulgaria which led to a clear reduction in costs. 

Andrea Ronconi

New Domus Costruzioni

"I know you're taking a beating from everyone, but the first one who crosses the wall is always bloody, always." (Cit. Moneyball)