Diegomat Office Place
Diegomat Office Place

Write to us to get to know each other via video conference

Physical distances are a relative problem with new technologies, write to us or call us to organize a real meeting using video conferencing tools. However, I ask you to have an idea of ​​what you want to do, even if vague, and to understand what we do. We help companies that have the courage to "break the wall" to try different things.

                           Gianluca Dova - gianlucadova@diegomat.net

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Strada Zorilor 3, Popesti Leordeni, Ilfov,077160 Romania

+40 744357627


1. Why contact us? Why try to change?

I'm already at two questions. Saying that we are beautiful and good and offer solutions that are outside the ordinary box but can give excellent results is the short answer. There would be a long version but you wouldn't read it but above all there is one though, if you want to stay in your comfort zone don't write to us. If things are fine with you as they are and you don't want to grow, we're all wasting our time.

2. Why set up a company in Romania or Bulgaria?

Short answer; many fewer taxes are paid and in a global world it is not clear why those who work and sell online should not choose the country that offers more tax advantages. Doing it with our help is much easier than you think, much more of a mindset problem.

3. How does technology and innovation help? 

Here there is no short answer or rather the long one would be too long, the short one is useless because it is intuitive, it is part of the history of society and human nature, that's how it is. But is it always like this? It's the natural counter question. Our answer is no. Because if you follow trends and fashions you can waste time and money. We help you choose what you need, with a path and by analyzing your needs together.

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