Ad Maiora!


It's gone the first quarter of the year, during this time we submitted like consultancy company, 2 Crea Cult, 2 Horizon Europe, directly like partner a Danube Interreg and we are developing an Interreg Europe won last year. We enjoy our activity, every partnership and collaboration, because from each one and every project we learned something. We work a lot online and Video Call so is not always easy to have an evidence (a picture maybe) of this work of networking and relationships but really we had the chance to meet many great people from different countries (Europe and Afrika), enviroments (pubblic, private, art, scientfic, IT) and cultures. It's amazing, we are social and human being. we need that. I remember always a phrase from a movie that I really love. "Remember Jerry, the relationships are the most important thing!" Thanks, Ad Maiora!